The Sims 4 Update Adds Trans-Inclusive Top Surgery Body Scar Options

major update for The Sims 4 on PC and consoles was released today, and with it comes a new console and customization options. This includes things like hearing aids and sculptures, but one addition is very desirable to trans Simmers with the goal of making them feel included in the eyes. Developer Maxis took to the game’s official site to break down the latest Sims 4 update, which includes a chest strap and advanced surgical wounds.

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“Under that section,
 all players can find the Scars category with options for teenage and adult Sims (male or female) to add surgical scars to their Sims,” ​​the update said. is reading. “I can see myself in the game,” one person tweeted in full.

“The best trap and cast from surgery?! That’s cool,” another tweeter chimed in. “I’m glad that more representation is being added to the game.”

The combination of shapes
 and sizes can make a person’s chest fold or make their body crooked. In other words, these clothes act as alternatives for trans people to feel more comfortable, especially if they can’t afford or aren’t ready for surgery. the body. “Bandatures and surgical wounds are better at sports,” tweeted the do-it-all tweeter. “[Let’s go fuck it, that’s] great transmascs dub.”

 my god, I’m really crying,” said another tweet with crying emojis. “Finally, school bag and surgery is over! My little heart is happy.

There are also medical devices, such as glucometers and hearing aids, making The Sims 4 also relevant to the disabled community. It’s good. “A filing cabinet, surgical wound, hearing aid and glucometer? asked a tweeter about this new Sims 4 patch. “This is the best update where we can have women’s clothing and men’s clothing and vice versa.”

Kotaku has contacted EA for comment. The team also added new ways to control and interact directly with the game controller, making it easier to navigate and bringing it closer to the PC version. All improvements are beneficial in quality of life. Read more: The Sims 4 Big Baby update is promising

Again, this is all for the best. However, it seems that there are a few issues that still need to be cleared up a bit, such as the confusion surrounding the surgical surface which does not seem to be clear for some people. However, for Maxis and, by extension, EA to know and recognize its trans community in such a representative way, it makes me happy. Perhaps other film companies will follow, making trans-inclusive representations something worth investing in and implementing in sports.

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