The most hated Marvel Snap card is getting another big makeover

Today’s Big Marvel Snap added a fighting style that was requested for friends. But he also made a few changes to a few cards, including a surprise for Wolverine and a significant nerf to Leader, a card that many said was OP and wrong in its previous state. Released earlier today, the latest update for the free card fighter finally adds the ability to challenge friends and fellow players in unranked matches. But while the feature is small at the moment, in my first test it works like a charm; It’s fun to play with friends and test the car against them. But this latest Marvel Snap update also brings other changes, including new balance changes.

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 news: boss has finally gotten a nice nerf to his powerful ability that allows you to copy any card your opponent draws from his own hand. Although he still cuts some cards, it is only the opponent’s territory to his right. This little tweak means you’ll need to be more strategic when using Leader. The first story seems to show that it is still useful and powerful, but not as much as before, as you have to correctly predict where your opponent can play powerful cards. To help offset this new change, the Second Supper dev also gave the leader a small power boost from six to seven. Ironically, this reverses the last minor nerf the Leader received.

Although there are counters to the Leader and his tough game fatigue, it’s still a boring and uninteresting way to lose a game. And since it has become a popular way to win, sometimes you will lose in this combination several times in a row. Hopefully with this change, that won’t happen again. Read more: Marvel Snap’s First Quarter Breakdown: Interview with Creator Ben Brode

 more good news for Wolverine-loving players: the card is getting pretty cool. An angry mutant’s ability to return to the field after being destroyed or knocked down is strong, but his stats don’t feel amazing even with abilities like that. And according to The Second Dinner and its data, no one is playing Wolverine on Snap. So, to solve this problem, he received new powers. Now, when it is destroyed and comes back, it comes back with +2 power. It also reads like it can do a lot of time, which means this card can become a valuable part of destruction focused decks. I’ve seen players get upset that other cards, like Zabu and Silver Surfer, haven’t been touched, but while I agree that those cards may need tweaking, I appreciate how careful you can be with food. the second night in his veins. I’d rather have it fail and try again, than make a big change that completely ruins a card that people love overnight.

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