Starting tomorrow, Marvel Snap will let you battle your friends

Marvel Snap is very good. We have already said it. Heck, we call it one of the best games of 2022. But one big feature is missing at the beginning: the ability to challenge your friends. Tomorrow’s Marvel Snap update will finally add the much-requested feature to the popular card game.

After a beta period, Marvel Snap was released on mobile and PC in October. It quickly became popular because it focused on small cars, fast games, and chaotic chaos. Since then, it has received many updates, adding good things like technical credentials and bad things like expensive game packs. But what people really want is a way to face their friends. Shortly after the release, the developers promised that the friendly battle mode will come later in 2022. Then it is slowly delayed until 2023. But it finally comes tomorrow, I’m very happy. Related articles
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Battle mode in Marvel Snap will work a little differently than the current game does. Instead of a quick game, you’ll play multiple rounds against your friend with one deck. The second dinner the developer said the game will last about 20 minutes, which seems too long for my liking, but we’ll see.

How Battle Mode will work in Marvel Snap
 how the developer describes the new situation in a blog post from earlier this month:

Battle mode pits two opponents against each other through multiple rounds. Each player starts with 10 life points. Instead of cubes, what is at stake is the damage that the winner will inflict on the loser. If you can reduce your opponent’s health to zero, you win!

In a war situation, the stakes are high. Everyone SNAP and Return takes extra, because every place of health is necessary for survival. Barring any delay or last word, starting tomorrow, January 31, you will be able to challenge your friends to a duel in Marvel Snap. On top of that, a bunch of rare and powerful cards drop into the deck, like Shuri and Black Panther, allowing you to easily spawn them through the stack. And they will cost less in the token store. Good news!

 some may not care about this upcoming battle, I am excited. Being able to interact with your friends is an important part of a good card game. I will also use Zabu’s big plane to beat my colleagues. It will make the game better and make me feel like a smart and powerful person. That, or I’m going to kick my ass so hard, I’m going to wipe my desk and never go back to Slack.

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