Report: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are skipping E3 2023

It should be the year, after the setbacks of the company and the global pandemic, that E3 – once the brightest place of the gaming universe – returned “in a very clear way” as the advertisement and – live for the first time since 2019. Today’s news shows, however. , and he will do it without any of the strong players in the management company. A report on IGN tonight says that “all three console developers have the game looking to make a big comeback at E3,” which means that for the first time in live video history, not just one of them will be in the event that is. their culture highlights of the whole year.

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 this is the final straw for E3, it’s too late. Nintendo stopped holding the main E3 press conference ten years ago (although the company had an exhibition presence during the last live show in 2019), Microsoft and Bethesda recently decided to hold their own presentation at part of the E3 program. Sony also started broadcasting information about E3 a few years ago. Although Microsoft will not participate in any official E3 event, CEO Phil Spencer says that, as they did a few years ago, Xbox will do something in 2023 on the sidelines of E3 to press and company members all in town for this show. do. and be there for them. It is not known what, if anything, Nintendo and Sony will do in place of E3, although Geoff Keighley’s opponent, Summer Games Fest, will take place at the same time. It’s important to note here that this isn’t the same E3 as it used to be. ReedPop event experts took stock of plans for last year’s show and said:

For years, we have listened, heard and studied feedback from the global gaming community. E3 2023 will be an undisputed puzzle – a return that honors what always works – reinvents what doesn’t and sets new standards for video game shows in 2023 and beyond.

No one can predict how “recognizable” they will be without any platform holders, though ReedPop said in a statement to IGN that:

 we spent most of 2022 fine-tuning how E3 2023 will look, reflecting on the feedback we requested, we did not send the exhibitor a contract until earlier this month. We have received great interest and commitments from many of the biggest companies in the industry, and when we are ready to announce the exhibitors, we are confident that this will be a set that will travel to Los Angeles. deserve it for him. companies and consumers.

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