Report: Halo Infinite Will Not Get Story DLC, The Series Is Going Abysmal

Things are changing at the 343 developer Halo company following a massive layoff at Microsoft, including 95 people at the developer Halo. The studio is moving to Unreal Engine, has no plans to create story content for 2021’s Halo Infinite, and continues to try to figure out what to do with the supposed Halo Battle Royale development. open. In a report released today by Bloomberg, it appears that 343 is starting from scratch with Halo. According to people familiar with the studio’s plans, the company is not actively working on new DLC campaigns or updates for Halo Infinite. Instead, before the layoff, 343 developers were working on a new version of the Halo game in Unreal instead of creating new content for Infinite. And according to reports, many of the developers have been fired. Related articles
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It is
 also reported that the company has, after almost ten years of debate, finally decided to move to Unreal. While there have been internal concerns about how future Halo projects will work with Unreal, the current technology – known as Slipstream – is a pain to implement. and based on decades of code to date. Bloomberg reports that two versions of Halo Infinite – Extraction and Assault – are on the way but haven’t been finalized due to issues with aging hardware and Slipstream technology.

This move to Unreal will start with a new Halo game called “Tatanka”. Apparently, 343 Games in Texas is developing this game Certain Affinity, a team that has a long history of working on Halo in the past. It looks like Tatanka started out as a battle royale but it can “shift in different directions”.

Kotaku has reached out to Microsoft about the reported engine changes to its downloadable content.

Halo Infinite should be the biggest game of 10 years for Xbox and 343. But while it started with fun research, it has become a punching bag for Halo fans who find its updates lacking and its road maps scarce. Now it seems that this long-term focus plan is no longer the future. In an email obtained by Bloomberg believed to have been sent by new 343 company CEO Pierre Hintze to employees, the company’s current plan for Halo is to support a “solid life offer” for Halo Infinite in its Forge mode. our new technology”. stack” for future Halo projects.

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