Introduction to Game Summary and SIG

At SIG, we are always looking for new opportunities. The list of products we trade continues to grow: stocks, index futures and ETFs, bonds, commodities, currencies (crypto or others), options and all this, sports … . wait, a joke!?

Yes, game! SIG has assembled a team of marketers, technologists and analysts to bring our numbers, technology solutions from the world of finance to sports betting and analytics. Currently with more than 25 people across our Dublin and Bala Cynwyd offices, SIG Sports’ sales and marketing team in major US sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, etc.) and European exchanges, and both before the game and continues. In the United States, we are building our ability to be a prominent player as the sports betting industry continues to grow and legalize across the country. Why do we have to do this?

We love sports
 Philadelphia, where sports fandom is legit – home to the most passionate and intelligent people (for better or worse) in the country. Transfer the skills
 of the factors that make us competitive in the financial market have a direct impact on the sports market. Advanced statistical models and our technology provide timely and accurate data to help our customers make quick decisions under conditions of uncertain operations and we train and sell index funds or NFL futures contracts. It’s a great opportunity
Since May 2018, when the United States Supreme Court opened the door for states to legalize sports betting, the sports betting market has exploded in size and will continue to grow as other states supported sports betting in the coming years. By some estimates, the size of the total US sports betting market could be as high as $150 billion, so there is a huge opportunity if we can capture some of it. Over the next few months, we’ll be posting content from time to time related to our gaming research and discussion here at Raise Your Game, as well as on SIG’s Instagram, @sigcampus. Posts will range from a short story about a funny or exciting situation to a full-blown analysis of the subject. Be sure to subscribe here and follow us on Instagram  stay tuned!

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