How to Snowball in League of Legends

What do you think of when you hear the word “snowball”? Maybe it brings to mind the image of a snowball rolling down a hill, gathering more snow until it’s big. Snowballing is a term used in Major League Soccer when a player gains and maintains power by making even more wins at any time in the game. Today I’m going to cover some obvious ways to score in League of Legends!

Selection of winners

When it comes to free kicking, some champions are better than others. Some common themes among great snowball champions are the ability to reset or the ability to deny an opponent’s damage with their skills and equipment. Let’s take a look at some quick examples of champions who are known for out-of-control skiing.

Darius (highway)

Darius is a great champion in solo queue as he puts a lot of pressure in 1v1 and can be unstoppable if he comes in. Darius is a deadly and deadly champion, which can explode in a short time. If he is leading, his weakness due to lack of travel is offset by his recovery stats. By combining this with his build and maximum speed, team fights or duels can be wiped out quickly.

Master Yi (Jungle)

Even though he’s off to
 a slow start, if Master Yi is out, he could be running away from snowballs more than ever, especially with his recent direction with Q. Using his dodge, Master Yi can R-Flash at key targets and take them down with an authorized vehicle attack before using Q-to reset it to flash in front of him again. In addition, his ability to defeat not only champions, but also neutral monsters like Baron and Dragon makes him very useful when starting. Katarina (middle)

Kat is notorious for her ability to blast opponents as a level 3. With her ability to move around the map and shine around in team fights, she can quickly explode and take out attacks. the feeling of power without much effort if it turns. . Her only weakness is her machine-click (CC) control, so avoid choosing Kat when your opponent has a lot of them!

Samira (AD first)

At one point, I would have chosen Draven in this version as a go-to AD Carry (ADC) that broke and filled the machine. But Samira brings a game and damage that doesn’t need to be professional. Samira comes with re-engineering, crowd control, the most consistent style, and most importantly, style. When paired with Alistar, Taric, or Blitz, it can be fun while snowballing as it can negate a lot of pressure with pseudo-Wind Wall. Pike (support)

Pyke brings up the choice of our support because no support really “snowball” given the good performance of his work. Pyke’s snowball can be, you guessed it, recycled. Like Darius, his productivity comes from his maximum speed. Add a ring and a crowd control hook, and Pyke can lay down a counterattack with the best support. He is also very good at knocking them down if necessary.

Naturally, there are a few worthy names like Jax, Draven, Fiora, Fizz, and Renekton, but these are some of the most dangerous threats in the season 12 meta for our money. The snowball part
Playing football
 comes from acceptance, not just beating your opponent in the lane. Naturally, winning your 1v1 is the start, but if you can put your way with your teammates and conquer the map, you’ll have a hard time taking any game. So take the time to review the following before doing just that:

Does my team have the resources (Health, Mana, Levels, Ultimates, Summoners) to support if I power play?
 my members have the right to hide me? (Crowd control abilities like Blitz’ Hook or Morgana’s Q)
 in a weak position? (High status, low health pool, no HP/Mana resources/status, etc.)
Where is my jungler/enemy, and can I run the game before he gets there? What does my opponent gain from my exit?
 these questions and review from time to time in the game if you have a chance. Usually, your movement window can be from a broken wave, a dry spell, a rebound, or a recall. Quickly examine the map after these events and ask one of the questions above, and in time, you will come to a place where you will answer them without knowing it, so you can follow the other side quickly. Being able to switch between games with one fluid move will allow you to take advantage of any opportunities you take away from your opponent, as well as help you quickly learn to recognize your winning position.

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