Final Fantasy 16 Developer Tries To Train His Dog, Gets Attacked Instead

We still have a few months until the Final Fantasy XVI event drops on June 22 on PlayStation 5. In preparation for the upcoming RPG release, Square Enix continues to show more of the game , from the game that cuts. and Eikon’s character in battle. While we know you can train Torgal’s new furry friend, creator Naoki Yoshida left fans in awe of his failed attempt to show his wolf friend some love.

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The sixteenth entry in the long-running RPG franchise, FFXVI sees protagonist Clive Rosfield seeking revenge on the villains who killed his brother and divided his kingdom. In this action-thriller genre, you will use a variety of magic and sword fights to bury the villains you meet on your way to revenge. But Clive is not alone in his quest for revenge as he is joined by a roving band of AI-controlled friends who can join him in taking on enemies. Torgal is one of them. Unfortunately, at the PAX East gameplay demo, Yoshida escaped and attacked Torgal while he was just trying to buy a cute wolf.

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