Fans Think Sony Is Prodding Another Unfamiliar Featuring Nathan Drake’s Child

Sony might have recently prodded its next Strange game in another business about an alleged finish to the PlayStation 5 control center lack. In the middle between vignettes for reported games like Bug Man 2 is a short clasp of a lady bringing a light through a cavern, and fans figure it very well may be highlighting another Strange game featuring Nathan Drake’s little girl, Cassie.

A post over at the PlayStation Blog (through VGC) even says that the new PS5 promotion “indicates the broadness of unprecedented encounters” accessible on the control center, and makes a special effort to challenge players to check whether they would be able “spot every one of the game references.” The lady in the cavern, who at one point should be visible brushing dust off a secretive curio, has all the earmarks of being the main piece of the business that doesn’t relate to an at present reported or delivered Playstation select.

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The last numbered game in the series, PlayStation 4’s Unknown 4: A Cheat’s End, finished up with a talk highlighting a playable Cassie Drake. The little girl of series heroes Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher, Cassie rifles through memorabilia from the two’s previous experiences, ultimately getting found out and persuading her folks to share the narratives of their previous existences. Insidious Canine could never have broadcast any more plainly what its likely tentative arrangements for the series were.

Presently however, that was just about a long time back. Except for 2017’s spectacular independent extension, Unknown: The Lost Heritage, and the new remastered Tradition of Cheats Assortment, we haven’t heard the slightest hint of noise from Sony about the fate of the series. As a matter of fact, simply last week Mischievous Canine Co-President Neil Druckman, told Buzzfeed the studio had no designs for additional games. “We’re done [with Uncharted],” he said. “We’re continuing on.”

Sony probably won’t be done, be that as it may. Numerous work postings last year indicated Devious Canine perhaps working together with another interior PlayStation group on a current establishment, while different reports proposed a potential reboot was in progress. Anything that way another venture wound up taking, it’s not difficult to see the reason why Sony would need to proceed with the series.

Strange 4 figured out how to sell 16 million duplicates, and, surprisingly, the dreary Hollywood film variation earned near multiple times its spending plan. During a period when the film, television, and game enterprises are multiplying down on laid out establishments, seeing Strange, a forerunner to Sony’s new hot streak in first-party improvement, being left in the vault is difficult.

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