Epic Kills Battle Royale game is less than six months after its release

in August 2022, Epic Games – the developers of Fortnite, the managers of the Epic Games Store, the creators of the bad engine, rich as gods – released a royale game of melee called Rumbleverse. It is now January 2023 (February already for me here in Australia), and the game has been killed. Here are some thoughts Zack wrote in September 2022 – you may remember September 2022, this happened – in which he said that despite the boring style of Battle Royale and Epic themselves have Fortnite, it’s beautiful!

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Although I’m a sucker for the
 Rumbleverse and find his challenge series to be frustrating at this point, he’s always happy to push it and play again. There are a lot of good (and bad) royale shooters in 2022. But the good, the beautiful, and the exciting struggle of the battle royale – which has a variety of strong, no less – is a good thing to have. I hope that the game is sustainable and has a future season with more content, quests and challenges that can help make the game more fun, even for shitty fighters like i. Womp.

The developers of Iron Galaxy announced the decision to discontinue the game earlier today:

They followed that up with a short statement on their company site, in which they shared the hope that just because Epic is killing the game doesn’t mean it’s dead forever, and that “You haven’t seen the Rumble in its last. appear but”:

At Iron Galaxy, we strongly believe in the value of bringing people together to share valuable experiences in gaming. Each of us is a game. This is what inspires us to create. With the final announcement of the Rumbleverse, we want to share some personal details with the players who joined us in Grapital City.

When you work on a video game, you think that the community will show up and play it one day. For years, we have been expecting a bustling city full of people fighting to be the winner. We have strived to create an awesome environment that fosters a competitive spirit. Our mission is to bring the joy back to online multiplayer gaming.

The people who gave Rumbleverse a chance and embraced it as a new form of entertainment supported every day we spend bringing our ideas to life. We love watching you play. We have learned from your stories and thoughts. We’ve gone over the skills you’ve developed to capture the best moments on the road.

We sincerely hope that this news does not mark the end of the Rumbleverse. You may not have seen the Rumble in its final form. If we can welcome people back to the Battle Barge docks again, we hope you’ll be there, strapped in and ready to take your rightful place at gunpoint. Iron Galaxy will continue to play. It is our passion and our raison d’être. Our staff is full of talent and inspiration to make the world play.

Thanks for playing. This is not the last time you will hear from us. This is not the last time we invite you to play. The game’s servers will be closed on February 28.

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