Big Dong makes an appearance at an honor ceremony

Spanish stream TheGrefg is one of Twitch’s biggest stars, which is why he recently hosted his own award show that attracted almost two million viewers. And every viewer is, for some time, treated with a large ASCII study. First, a little background. TheGrefg has almost 20 million YouTube subscribers. Over 11 million followers on Twitch. Even though you don’t know who he is because he doesn’t speak your language, the dude is one of the most popular surfers on the planet; we wrote about him in 2021 when he “cleared the all-time view record on Twitch” in a short video … revealing his own Fortnite skin:

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For years, Twitch’s record for most concurrent viewers on a single stream has been hotly contested, with streamers passing each other slowly. Today, however, the Spaniard TheGrefg fooled everyone else into believing they were fighting over a discarded peanut shell. At this writing, it has reached almost 2.5 million views, a high visibility that hits not only each channel, but all games. The event we are talking about today – called Premios ESLAND – is actually the second year in a row that it has been able to hold its own award specifically for Spanish speakers. , advertisements and similar activities/stunts. But it quickly turned into a big event; This year’s show attracted 1.75 million viewers, including attendees who watched it. Look at this crowd! This is the famous Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City, and TheGrefg packed it for the show:

Anyway, being his second time directing one of these shows – and live on the internet – you’d think he or the producers would know not to cut the plot live. on the big screen and stage. And this year, he did exactly that, and as you can see in the video below, he regretted about how quickly a person can register the impact:

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