Activision Blizzard Exec has a TV show like no other

The Last of Us had no shortage of time when it premiered in 2013. HBO TV’s adaptation is no different. As the EpiPen’s biggest economic boost in the middle of winter, it received the highest praise, scornful dismissal and everything in between. But what could be the worst thing that has been taken has not been born until now. “Hi FTC  did you see last night’s episode of The Last of Us?” tweeted Lulu Cheng Meservey, Executive Vice President of the company and Chief Media Officer of Activision Blizzard. “It’s amazing.” A poster of a recent call-to-action publisher was followed by a thread about how the TV show The Last of Us suggested that Microsoft should be allowed to acquire the company for $69 billion. . Related articles
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For those who may be living under a rock and don’t know it: The Last of Us is a heartwarming story of love, loss, and redemption in a world brought to its knees by an epidemic. This week’s intimate and moving event brought tears to my eyes. That prompted Meservey to post how big acquisitions in tech news raise no red flags.

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard have been at loggerheads since the Federal Trade Commission launched a lawsuit against them, apparently with the goal of wringing out a few more opportunities before finally abandoning the deal. It’s a multi-faceted campaign, with Microsoft repeatedly saying it’s worse compared to Sony, both in terms of game creation and now in terms of game creation. That’s certainly the sentiment Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer expressed last week when asked to compare The Last of Us TV show to the Halo TV show. “Sony’s expertise in intellectual property in games, TV, movies and music is incredible and incredible,” Meservey tweeted today. “It’s no wonder they continue to dominate the console market. In gaming, Sony is “first among us” – and they’ll be fine without FTC protection.”

Let me take Cordyceps now.

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