A soccer game for 2 or less players

As you know, football is a popular activity at SIG. Last year, the Dublin office started an official soccer club, where we regularly meet after work for various sports sessions, including some discussed in other blogs. Unfortunately, those days are now on hold. Since it can be difficult to get a team together for at least one player, solo (or 2-player) play is a topic worth exploring. Most games are designed to be played in small or casual groups. For example, guests of Catan cannot play with less than 3 people because the game engine does not allow it. There is a special expansion pack for playing with up to 6 players, but believe me, it’s not fun. The game is a great experience with 3-4 players. There are many football games with great single player and 2 player versions. Often, the game is played very differently from the “normal version”. I would like to name a few that I have and play regularly with my wife and I. I won’t go into the detailed gameplay, but try to explain what makes these games so good. Your height may vary!


Players: 2-4

Game time:
 20-30 minutes

Complexity: It’s easy

Quick review: This game doesn’t have a single player mode, but it is one of the few that does well with two players. It has 2 game modes – easy and advanced – which also makes it easy to play with children. The game involves drawing unique tiles to create patterns on each player’s board. What makes it good: If you want, you can play the game without competitive advantage, focusing on your own board. On the other hand, you can see what other people are doing and try to “block” them by “stealing” tiles that you like. K2

The author recounts one of his many mountain adventures in Norway. Not exactly K2, but still fun!
Players: 1-5

Game time:
 45-60 minutes


Quick review: As a mountaineer and climber myself, I can’t go by without mentioning K2. K2 is a handheld game with a little bit of luck – its challenges make it a game to enjoy for a long time. The game has 2 difficulty levels, and different ways to make it easier/harder. The harsh conditions, the cold ascent of K2, is a challenge rarely faced. In real life K2 has never been climbed in winter. What makes it great: It’s a great addition to mountain tours. It is you against the mountains rather than you against others. The goal is always the same: reach the top and never die trying. Cruelty!


Players: 1-5

Game time:
 2-3 hours

Complexity: Strong

Quick Summary: A complex engine room game with many moving parts. This game is a favorite of SIG Dublin board games. The theme of changing the landscape and the different ways to play make it an interesting choice for those who enjoy hardcore soccer games. What Makes It Great: Having everyone build their own cards to complete the terraforming project while working together for the common goal of terraforming is a great mechanic. The person who contributes the most to the terraforming project at the end wins. It plays with 2 people!

The single
 player mode changes its objective – now you play against the clock. Since you are the only player, your goal now is to complete terraforming in as many turns. Genius idea.

There are many other games that are also awesome, but these are my 3 favorites. Share your favorites in the comments below!

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