A father son with the Dragon Ball Super logo is coming to Fortnite

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero father-son duo Piccolo and Gohan go to Fortnite.

Today, the official Fortnite Twitter account released a video for their second collaboration with Dragon Ball Super. Piccolo and Gohan skins are coming to the in-game store today, meaning players will soon be able to upload videos of themselves as the duo hitting the grid with Goku and Vegeta and it is anything else. You know, the video is coming. Today’s announcement comes shortly after yesterday’s scandal in which the Fortnite Twitter account posted a screenshot of a Red Ribbon Army ship flying over an island.

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Fortnite’s link to
 Dragon Ball Super is linked to the latest movie in the series, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero. In it, Piccolo and Gohan fight side by side against the new line of the Red Ribbon Army.

The skins of Fortnite’s Gohan and Piccolo come with built-in Super Saiyan and Power Awakening emotes, respectively. Individually, Fortnite Gohan-themed items include the Cape Backpack, Capsule Corp Glider. and one aptly named “wild” pickaxe. Piccolo’s accessories include a hat and a backpack, a Red Ribbon Army glider, a demon-branded backpack, and a pickaxe with a miniature version of his house on it.

Dragon Ball’s Gohan and Piccolo skins aren’t the only welcome changes to Fortnite. Along with the return of DBZ’s flying nimbus cloud and Kamehameha attack, Game Royale will also change the way quizzes work each week.

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 forward, weekly challenges will no longer be limited to one week. At first, the weekly challenges of Fortnite are still available for a long time, which means that players can complete them in their own way, or go into time and work on a number of accumulated questions. However, at the beginning of the final season, each new weekly question will replace the first one, and any incomplete question is gone. This requires players to play the game every week if they don’t want to miss out on their XP reward.

Fortnite patch 23.30 ensures that weekly challenges will no longer disappear after a week. The reaction of internet users is a bit mixed about the change. Some Fortnite players are lamenting the change as a “big L” while others are thanking their Lord Chug Jug in heaven and questions will no longer disappear if they decide to leave a week to plant grass. You can read the rest of the 23.30 patch changes here.

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