7 New Destiny 2 Exotics Coming to Lightfall

Destiny 2: Lightfall is only a few weeks away, and Bungie has finally pulled back the curtain on what players can expect from its ever-growing arsenal of weapons. A new trailer revealed three weapons, three weapons and a new item for the Deluxe Edition, Quicksilver Storm. On February 28, Lightfall will take players to the fiery cities of Neomuna and Neptune where they will face an attack from the new Witness disciple Callus and his Shadow Legion. Along with a new subclass power called the Strand, the new Exotics will also give Guardians a head start on cyberpunk-themed conflicts. Related articles
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Bungie gave us a first look at what they are and how they work in the latest Destiny 2 trailer:

Here are the ones we know so far:

Final Warning (Strand Handgun): Has a “target lock” that automatically targets nearby enemies
Deterministic Chaos (Void Machine Gun): Uses “Rhythmic Debuffs” to damage enemies on the 4th hit and gives Volatile Round on the 16th hit.
 (Stasis glaive): “causes enemies to become frozen” which seems to be able to create both turrets and bombs. Quicksilver (Kinetic Auto Rifle): Catalyst causes grenades to create Strand “kill tangles” and also appears to add Strand elemental affinity and silence.
 Leap (Titan Legacy): Strand “barricade creates additional lashes” that binds enemies. Swarmers (Warlock Legs): “Destroying tangles that cause webs” that seem to target enemies like little magical spiders.
Facade of Cyrtararchne
 (Hunter helmet): “Grapnel Hook provides Woven Mail”, a protective shield that provides stability. If this all sounds a little weird, it’s because every Exotic outside of the Stasis Glaive and Void Machine Gun is based on the Strand, a new subclass coming to Lightfall. If you catch any of the previous trailers, it is the green energy that allows the Guardians to struggle in new environments like the departure of Master Chief in Halo Infinite. It’s a cobwebs hole and it looks like it’s going to open up a lot of fun fighting opportunities.

Counting Quicksilver Storm, an Exotic that comes alive for anyone who orders the $100 Deluxe Edition of Lightfall, that’s a total of seven Exotics featured in the trailer, far fewer than last year’s Witch Queen which included 14. Also, this extension does not have a complete new subclass. Hopefully Bungie has a few hidden gems up its sleeve, either keeping it in secret quests down the road or waiting to be revealed separately as part of Revelation 20 is coming.

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